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tiger bulk systems

put a tiger in your container

First and foremost - Quality
A quality product designed to meet the individual requirements of the customer

Competitive pricing
To make even the best affordable

Trained, motivated workforce
Who take pride in their work

A choice of film thickness
Enables you to get the right specification for transporting your product

Digital Identification
Of all products enables total quality control with colour coding packaging unique to your specification

Modern clean manufacturing works
Provides the perfect environment for food grade production

Internal storage
Of all raw materials and packaging

State of the art production methods
With emphasis on the health and safety of employees, assure a first class product and a happy workforce

Total commitment
By all personnel to environmental and recycling objectives

cocoa beans
Cocoa Beans
Maize Germ

Committed to service at every level

Tiger Bulk Systems Ltd
Carnaby Industrial Estate, Bridlington
East Yorkshire, YO15 3QY, England
Telephone: +44 (0) 1262 675225
Facsimile: +44 (0) 1262 675226
email: sales@tigerbulk.com

tiger bulk

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